Quarterwear.org is a clothing company that impacts 25 lives through charity with every sale. Every purchase from the current Merci collection feeds 25 children through Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE).


Quarterwear.org is two generations in the making – built by the grandson of a Nigerian seamstress who sold half of her business (1 sewing machine) to give her son an education. This son became the father of O. Falade, CEO and founder of Quarterwear, who is reestablishing his grandmother’s trade, craft and sacrifice in America.


Originally inspired by poetry – a hand drawn art commission from a Florida based artist – “Merci” is now his version of a thank you and grateful nod to his grandmother – a strong woman who gave what she could for her family.


O. Falade encourages you to find out what you are grateful for through the Merci collection.



Quarterwear was founded on a belief in supporting and encouraging people who are committed to solving the world’s most fundamental and difficult problems. There is a difference between these problem solvers and those who only focus on solutions to society’s inconveniences for profit. The world needs both. But countless lives have been made exponentially better by the problem-solvers i.e., nonprofits, social enterprises and change-makers who focus on social issues, causes and the double bottom line.


Individuals and organizations like these should be given more than chapters in future history books. They should be rewarded and supported today.


Standing ovations are meant for these men, women and organizations. And Quarterwear.org committed to making it easier for them to change the world and the people in it for the better.


Quarterwear.org is a for-profit business, with every sale impacting 25 lives through a nonprofit. Every sale from the current Merci Collection feeds 25 lives through the nonprofit Feeding Children Everywhere.


Founded and based out of the Orlando, Florida area, Quarterwear.org was made possible by the help of artists with a desire to encourage social good. Quarterwear is for thoughtful, united and committed people who believe that they can change the world for the better.


American Author, Margaret Mead was unknowingly referring to this company’s origins when she said to “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”



Quarterwear.org Founded in 2014 | Re-established in 2017