Current Charitable Partners and Causes

Updated March 20, 2023

Quarterwear “25W” was founded in 2014 by Oluwafunlola “Oak” Falade on the belief of supporting, thanking, partnering with and encourage those who are committed to solving the world’s most fundamental and difficult problems, i.e., non-profits, NGOs, and more. We do so by setting aside funds from each sale and then targeting donations/grants towards the following cause categories. In 2023, Oak Falade relaunched Quarterwear to celebrate the heritage of racial and ethnic groups, advance human rights, and positively impact lives with every sale. As such, new charitable partners are desired, currently being sought for and are slated for review in 2023.

Donations and grants are made when organizations can provide evidence that measurable impact will be made through donated funds within 30 days of receipt. Year-end donations follow similar guidelines. For every charitable partnership, we build the cost of impacting 25 lives into the sales price of multiple articles of clothing or accessories.

Previous Charity Partners

Here are the organizations and problem-solvers that we have supported.

  • 2017 — 2020

    Feeding Children Everywhere

    In support of zero hunger, Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) has a commitment to those they serve — to provide the healthiest meals possible for children and families around the world. Their meals are all-natural with no artificial flavorings. Through FCE, we provided meals for 25 children with every associated sale.

    Tax ID: 27-3274349
  • 2014


    In support of good health and well-being, Knight-Thon, Dance Marathon at the University of Central Florida, is a part of the national Miracle Network Dance Marathon movement. Knight-Thon is UCF’s largest student-driven philanthropy, raising funds and awareness for Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Their year-long efforts conclude each spring with a 20-hour Dance Marathon, where more than 1,500 UCF Knights come together to celebrate their efforts made for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. For Knight-Thon, we donated 25% of our profits from associated sales to their fundraising campaign.

    Tax ID: 87-0387205