... P.S. In Haitian Creole merci stands for thank you.


To the first responder with a heart, those who backpack with the less fortunate in mind and carry the world on their volunteering shoulders.To the friends, whose wanderlust leads them to help the needy, even in their own backyard.


To the explorer whose itineraries are filled with chance encounters with locals who could care less about the color of their skin.

Your adventures and vacations have been answers to others’ heartfelt prayers.

And your smile can be understood in any language.


In some cultures, people like you are ranked a little higher than angels. And your after-hurricane prayers are still just as welcome as food rations.



In Haitian Creole, merci, stands for thank you.


To the first responder with a heart, please know that your outstretched hands reach further than any social media post can, but please continue to share because the world needs to know how they can help too.


Go on another adventure and discover who you can help today.

Stay mindful of those with problems you can solve today.


To the first responder with a heart, never doubt that your efforts have made someone else’s life better. The Merci collection celebrates Haiti, positively impacts lives in Haiti and the U.S., and thank’s you.


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